A Shade net house is a structure made from Hot dip galvanized Steel Pipe with quick couplings and enclosed by Agro nets or Anti Insect net to allow required sunlight, moisture and air to pass through the gaps. It creates an appropriate micro climate conductive to the plant growth. It is also referred as Shade house or Net House.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Flat Roof Shade Net Houses. Price of all the vegetables have gone up in recent time & it is highest in the summer & touches up to Rs. 30 to 60 per kg, so the main aim of the project is to grow Vegetables in off season when we cannot grow in open fields & to fetch highest rates of the year. Flat Roof Shade Net House is the new concept developed with view to overcome the problems of severe sunlight in summer, to catch CO2 level in night to minimize infection of pests. So many parameter are controlled such as temperature, humidity, light & CO2 level in this net house. Any kind of Vegetables & Flowers can be grown in this net house. We can get good production even in off season so best prices can be fetched and the density of the plant shall be more compared to open fields so as to get more yield than outside.

Structure Specifications

Particular Specifications
Product Flat Roof Net House
Bay Size 6 Meter (Span) x 6 Meter (Bay)
Top Height 4.5-5Meter
Hockey 2.5 Meter
Columns Pipe 60 mm OD
Trusses / Bottom Pipe 42 mm OD
Top Arches Pipe 48 mm OD
Member for
Truss, purlins & others
33 mm OD
Foundation Pipe 48 mm OD & 1.2 Meter Length
Fixing of cladding materials All ends/joints of plastic film need to be fixed with two way Aluminum profiles
Cladding material UV stabilized Mono * Mono Shade Net of 50% shade factor with manual operated mechanism.
Spring Insert Zigzag high carbon steel spring action wire of 2.5 mm diameter
Fasteners High Tensile Strength & Hot Dip Galvanized (120 GSM)
Entrance Door Hinge Door made from Aluminum Frame & Polycarbonate Sheet

Uses of Shade Net House

  • Helps in cultivation of flower plants, foliage plants, medicinal plants, vegetables and spices.
  • Used for fruit and vegetable nurseries as well as for raising of forest species etc.
  • Helps in quality drying of various agro products.
  • Used to protect against pest attack.
  • Protects from natural weather disturbances such as wind, rain, hail and frost.
  • Used in production of graft saplings and reducing its mortality during hot summer days.
  • Used for hardening tissue culture plant lets.