About Our Company

Welcome to Akshar Agro

Akshar Agro is fastest growing company in the Protected-cultivation. All type of Fabrication sectors with emerging and developing solution. The Company is established in 2009 with name of Akshar Agro. The Name of Company “Akshar Agro” is the origin in mind of Managing Director and Owner of Company Mr. Parth Patel who believe in Customer Satisfaction and best quality.

Akshar Agro is specialised in supplying complete, high tech greenhouse projects. We relieve the burden on our customers by taking care of every aspect involved in developing and implementing a succesful greenhouse project. That process comprises the following steps:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • Cultivation
  • Service

Each step is performed under our supervision, meaning that a single company is responsible for the entire process.


The Akshar Agro experts put their extensive knowledge and experience to good use to devise and develop optimal solutions.

  • Development
  • Research
  • Design

Experienced professionals are involved in producing the various specific components required for each project. Manufacture and assembly are done in-house.

  • Manufacture
  • Assembly
  • Expertise

All materials are shipped from our production facility in Den Hoorn, The Netherlands. All the required export documents are prepared by our specialists to ensure fast and accurate service – which is a key characteristic of Akshar Agro.

  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Shipment

On Time, On Budget, Incredible Value

Akshar Agro can appreciate that growers often have short timeframes to get projects completed. We take pride in our precise scheduling of projects to ensure that our customers get what they’re expecting, when they expect it. We also strive to provide you with the most accurate costs from the start, so you know the project will stay within your budget. Everyone wants the most value for their hard-earned money, and many satisfied customers agree that Akshar Agro provides incredible value in every structure we build.

Having huge demand from our broad customer base, by understanding the presently environmental problems and having a wide business experience, In 2017 The Company has decided to expand its business at global level with universal name “ Akshar Agro” The best available products and Services are what you have come to expect from Akshar Agro.

The Company having it’s Corporate office at Vadodara (India) and in a way to expand its business in international market by offering wide range of products like the Protected-cultivation, , Hydroponics & N.F.T. (Nutrient film technique) System.

Uncompromising Quality

Many of our competitors make claims about quality without backing them up with facts. Here are a few specific reasons why structures built by AKSHAR AGRO are superior in the market:

  • Single piece roll formed oval arch means more strength and less labor installing. Smooth shape is very easy on poly
  • 2 point connection of arch at gutter with arch bracket is a stronger connection
  • Integrated post top (stronger and less connections for the builder)
  • Heavy gauge gutters for structural integrity
  • Square posts make installation easier
  • Separate anchor post for accurate leveling
  • Quality Certification for steel structures
  • Leader in natural ventilation. Our designs are studied by universities

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Akshar Agro , we make it our job to ensure you get the best growing environment for your individual needs. Every customer is given individual care. If you have built with other greenhouse manufacturers, let us show you the Akshar Agro difference.

Our Vision

To become the leader modern greenhouse project producer that is an indispensable brand with its creativity, technology and quality and that ensures the constant customer satisfaction

Our Mission

To fulfil the expectations of the customers completely with our creative and expert staff, to create solutions for the future by thinking about the future expectations of the people from today with our visional point of view having regard to the world population and natural resources and provide benefit to the people.

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